Get Rid of Your Company's Inhouse Server, Store Your Photos in the Cloud

DAMMI is the new way to manage photos, make collections and share them

Manage your company's photos

Manage your company's photos

Store all your company's photos in one place. Put them in collections, give them titles and find them with our advanced search technology.

Designed and developed for businesses

Designed and developed for businesses

Dammi is designed & built together with companies whose business relies heavily on photos



Give everybody within your organisation access to your photos. This way every user can create his/her own collections and share them with his/her contacts.

What Can You Do With Dammi?

Now you can manage all your company's photos the right way. Without the risk of losing them.



Every user can create his own collections and share them. This way every individual can customise Dammi to his own needs.
White label

White label

Dammi will be modified to suit your own branding. We change the color scheme, add your own logo and even host it on your very own domain.
Advanced search

Advanced search

Finding your photos hasn't been easier before. With our advanced search engine you can find your photos in no time.
Own Drupal Module

Own Drupal Module

If you have a website in Drupal, you can easily connect your Dammi account to your Drupal-website and import photos for your website in just 1 click.

Just A Few of Our Powerful Features...

Upload & Manage Your Photos in Real-Time with Our Online Dashboard

Easily upload, edit and manage your photos within one screen. No need to refresh, preview or reload your pages.

Dammi + Drupal (Love at first sight)

Dammi comes with a Drupal module which you can install so you can fully integrate it with the Drupal CMS. You can use the plugin version and adapt it to your own needs.


Only available in Dutch at the moment.


15 GB



Best for companies with about
3.750 High Quality photos

50 GB



Best for companies with about
12.500 High Quality photos

100 GB



Best for companies with about
25.000 High Quality photos

Need more?

Need more than these pricing plans?

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is Dammi a monthly recurring payment to use the system?

Yes – Dammi requires a monthly fee. Pay monthly and you own the software. We do offer our optional services to customize Dammi even more for you with additional and extra fields – but this is completely optional.

Who's the company behind Dammi?

Dammi was created, with loads of love, by Wieni. A Belgian web agency. The pictures Wieni tested with were mostly pictures of beer (Stella Artois) and of their lovely city Leuven.

How many users can I add?

You can add an unlimited amount of users. So don't worry if your company is growing. Dammi grows with you.

Do you provide support if I get stuck using Dammi?

Of course! Our friendly support team are available to help you through your issues. We’ll guide you in the right direction and help you get past any issues you have.